Informativa ex art. 13 del Codice della Privacy - Dlgs 196/2003 [italian - Privacy Agreement]

Dear Customer,

We wish to inform you that in accordance with Article 7 of the Law of Privacy (Legislative Decree 196/2003) any data concerning you and your family declared on the “information request form” will be treated under the principles of correctness, legality and transparency tutoring your rights and privacy.

Such handling of data will be carried out with the aid of a computerized system (without the aid of a computerized system) for the following scopes:

  1. In order to fulfil the obligations under article 109 of the R.D. (Royal Decree) n. 773 of the 18.06.1931, which requires us to record the personal data of our guests and to furnish this information to the public security authorities;
  2. In order to fulfil accounting and fiscal obligations;
  3. In order to transmit any messages or telephone calls which you or your family may receive;
  4. In order to send periodically updated material to your home concerning our rates and special offers.

We would furthermore like to inform you that it is obligatory for you to provide your personal data, and an eventual refusal on your part to supply us with your personal data would prevent us from accepting you as a guest of our establishment.

For any further information please consult Togni Palmo - Via Maragona 161 - 23030 Livigno (SO) Italy